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Homes in Bulgaria is a British/Bulgarian real estate agency founded in 2003 by Julian Georgiev and David Hollands and their respective partners Desislava Georgieva and Mirra Hollands.This family business, conceived almost 17 years go, has been involved with the Bulgarian property market in all main locations of interest to the overseas investors since the peak of the Bulgarian market in 2005 until today.

Having clients in key areas of Bulgaria that now exceed 1,500 enabled the business to develop all aspects of service to meet the demands of the clients. Forward planning, specialized knowledge and a commitment to the client to fulfil a viable investment has created the background that now forms the foundations from which the agency functions today. With clear driven principles regarding investment security, legal competence and client wellbeing, the agency has had to grow through the explosion of ingredients that have offered themselves to the Bulgarian investment/property buyer in the past years.

Offering a complete service of estate agency sales, property investment and advice, land acquisition, development consultancy and project management, the business has been able to grow over the past 16 years to a position of experience, knowledge and wisdom.In addition to these ‘front end’ services the agency has a full after-sales service covering all aspects of house security and Home Care Maintenance, property repair, new build and renovation is offered under the business on Bulgarian Construction Management.

All aspects of administrative, legal and financial services required by the purchaser or seller to maintain legal status with their property are also offered.

Operating a strict system in each office and with every customer (seller or buyer) is our policy. We ensure that all clients receive a full and comprehensive service because there are many issues that they are not aware of and do not ask about. It would be so very easy to ‘skip’ these important issues and allow the client to buy or sell without clear understanding of all aspects of the process as once the over excitement and under informed emotion has left the buyer/seller, reality sets in. Having legal title and understanding that their purchase has a viable future to it for holiday rental or re-sale in the future is now essential. It is at this point that many realise, often all to late, that more pre-planning, investment advice and at least a knowledge of their exit strategy, would have been a better way to invest.

Buying just because you can afford it is NOT the way to ‘invest wisely’.

‘INVEST WISELY’ is the mission statement of the agency that heads our operation. The background of the agency that embraced the ‘early days’ learning curve, watched with amazement the passed euphoria of Bulgaria exploding onto the property market together with it’s miss guidance, inaccurate facts, short sighted expectations levels and a ‘Gold rush’ mentality. Homes In Bulgaria has positioned itselfto offer a choice of options and services that are structured for the our days phase of maturity that Bulgaria’s property market now is embracing.

Our strapline is:  Comprehensive, personal service, specialized knowledge and experience.

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