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  • Sell your property in Bulgaria

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  • Client Personal Investment Overview

  • Home Care Maintenance

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Over the last 11 years, the world economy and the property markets have seen massive turbulence and severe downturn followed by slow recovery which we believe is transitioning to more sustainable market conditions. During that time, many overseas investors in Bulgaria, have experienced difficulties, disappointment, and lost interest leading to a desire to exit the market.  Now is the time for you to consider the future of your investment or your exit strategy.  Of course, we do not want to create over expectations and offer false promises. The property market levels are far from those during the “property boom” and the hype demands during 2005- 2007, interest is definitely increasing and sales are possible at realistic price points.


Why sell your property with HomesInBulgaria?

As one of the very first Bulgarian companies on the UK market, HomesInBulgaria has huge expertise and deep knowledge of the market, the demands of the overseas investors and current legal requirements and conditions for the property and company owners.

We will sell your property on the basis:  NO SALE – NO FEE.

Sales commission – 3% of selling price (minimum 1000 EUR)


What we will do for the sale of your property?

Services included in our sales commission

Valuation and price estimation

  • Property inspection for establishing its current condition
  • Property price evaluation – we will do specific research on the current market price of the property and we will advise you on the sale’s price depending on the specific case and requirements. We will keep you informed about any changes on the real estate market in the country which would make necessary a change in the price of your property so that it is adequate in terms of the current conditions.Link to contact form
    In request and for a fee we can organize a professional valuation of your property, which will be produced in writing and will be prepared by a certified valuation expert (it can be either according to Bulgarian standards, or RICS valuation). Link to contact form


  • Preparing comprehensive and informative description of your property in English and Bulgarian languages.
  • High-quality digital pictures of your property taken by our team for advertising.
  • Creating floor plans or plan of the property if required.
  • As well as our own web resources, we will publish your property in the leading property listing portals in Bulgaria –;;;
  • Listing your property on and (very popular websites for Russian and Bulgarian buyers)
  • Promoting your property through our network of our estate agents-partners in Bulgaria

Viewing trips, negotiation

  • HomesInBulgariateam will organize viewing trip for every interested potential buyer of your property and will provide comprehensive technical and legal information about it.
  • The responsible person from our team will make best efforts to mediate/negotiate for protection of your interest and achieve the highest possible price for the property in the current market conditions.
  • You will be informed for the progress through every stage.

Legal and logistics support

  • You can sell your property without need to take time off and flying to Bulgaria.
  • Once there is a committed buyer, our solicitors will prepare full pack of the required legal documentation to represent you through the whole process of the sale free of charge.
  • You can sign and witness the documents in a UK notary practice and send with courier.
  • HomesInBulgaria representative will be responsible and will manage all legal requirements and documentation including the actual sale.
  • Once the sale is completed, we will send you a detailed financial breakdown of the sales costs and transfer the funds to your nominated UK account.

The whole process and required actions would be explained to you by request.


Additional paid services

  • FOR SALE boards – in order to attract extra attention to your property, we can produce and place on its front /visual side high quality “for sale” board. That marketing tool is very efficient for the potential buyers passing by the site. The cost for the board is :£35 including VAT
  • If you think that your property is exclusive and requires special marketing, we can offer professional pictures and videos including produced with drone. Offer on request.
  • For properties that have being abandoned for long time and need clearing of garden and building we can provide offers after inspection and pictorial evidence that will be sent to you.
  • Property refurbishment and renovation / kirbapeal. Offer on request. LINK TO SERVICE


The idea of the campaign is to help you by offering an up to date, comprehensive status of your investment in Bulgaria together with recommending actions and advice. The “CPIO” service will include:

PROPERTY – £115 including VAT

  • Personal visit of your property
  • Pictorial report of the condition of the property and recommendations
  • Valuation report based on current values of the immediate region / village, the general uplift in value since you purchased the property and any additional value that the property will have gained due to works repairs made on it and eventual infrastructural investments in the area.
  • Recommendations for maintenance, repairs and improvements LINK TO SERVICE
  • Up to date statement of property taxes and liabilities.


COMPANY – £115including VAT

  • Translated copy of up to date company status from the “Bulgarian Trade Register”
  • Statement for the Annual Company Auditing and Published Financial Accounts
  • Statement of company due taxes and liabilities
  • Legal changes and Company management recommendations


What advantage Client Personal Investment Overview will give you

We believe it is very important as it gives you a clear understanding of the status of your investment in Bulgaria, clarify your liabilities and the immediate actions you need to take. You will then know what to do to maintain the proper legal and financial status of your ownership and what is required to protect the value of your asset and keep it in good and sustainable condition.


Local taxes and fees for your property

Check of outstanding local taxes and fees – check the obligations in the municipality at the location of your property.

It is common case that the foreign owners, especially who have rural properties in Bulgaria did not pay the due local taxes and fees for a long period of time. It is mainly due to lack of information and understanding, difficulties in the payment process, due to high bank fees for cross-border transfers, inability to verify obligations, etc. This often results in issuance of fines and finally enforcement actions by bailiffs.

We can arrange payment of outstanding local taxes and fees by specifying the exact amount as of the day of the payment   – £30 including VAT


Property Tax Registration

Very often, after purchasing the property foreign owners have not registered their property in the local tax office within the legal deadline/2 months from the date of purchase/. Upon finding the property not declared within the two-month statutory term after the acquisition transaction, the municipal administration shall charge the tax due for a 5-year period. We provide the service in the presence of a document of ownership of the property and a power of attorney from the owner.

Quote on request depending on location of the property


Declaring a property after changes have occurred

In cases of new construction added, difference in the area size of the plot and buildings Due to the specifics of the available regulatory plans, the age of the buildings and the presence of new cadastral plans, in some cases a significant difference in the size of the land and the available buildings is appeared. In such cases, it is necessary to declare the property in the Local Tax office with the necessary documents proving the current state.

Quote on request depending on location of the property


Checking the status of the property in the local municipality and cadastre agency

Except in the municipal tax office, each owner is obliged to declare the change of ownership in the cadastre agency / where available / or in the respective department in the municipality. We carry out the process of declaring and changing ownership together with all required documents.

Quote on request depending on location of the property


Settled / unsettled regulatory relations with neighboring properties

in certain cases, when new regulatory plans are adopted, there appears discrepancy in the boundaries between neighboring properties when comparing them with the old plans. The Bulgarian legislation does not allow the execution of real estate transactions / sales/ with unregulated regulatory relations.

Offer for execution of the procedure on request depending on location of the property


Registering your property with the Cadastre Agency

Protraction of real estate in the Cadastre Agency – In specific cases when your property is an apartment or house in gated complex, it may not be listed as separate object in the cadastral map of the area. Then it necessary needs to be protracted in the cadastral plan following strict procedure. If your apartment or house in gated complex is not existing in the Cedastre plans you can’t apply for cedastre sketch required for the purpose of selling your property.

Offer for execution of the procedure on request depending on location of the property


Certificates of tolerance and legalization of buildings in the property.

There are situations when the cadastral plans of the settlements  are very old and buildings built at a later stage in the property are not existing in the plans. One will find that applying for cadastral sketch for selling his property. There is a procedure for protracting and certifying the year of construction of the buildings. A certificate of tolerance is issued as a document guaranteeing the legal status of the buildings.

Offer for execution of the procedure on request depending on location of the property


If you purchased your property or land in Bulgaria in the last 15 years and particularly before 2011 you would have formed a Bulgarian company to be able to own it. As in any other EU country, according to Bulgarian law, the company is required to prepare a set of audited annual accounts at the end of each financial year which have to be submitted in the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency by last day of March and in Bulgarian Trade Register by end of June of each calendar year.

Although your Bulgarian company may not be a ‘trading’ company / which is the common case/ you are still required to submit an annual set of accounts to the Bulgarian authorities. Since 2017, the changes in the rules and regulations have eased the process and released the duty of the “non-trading” companies for submitting full annual accounts. Companies that fall in this category are now obliged to electronically submit set of forms and declarations into Bulgarian Statistic Institute and Registry Agency.

Preparation of the full required pack of documents and submitting by our accountancy team  will cost you £ 190

If you receive a rental income from your property in Bulgaria either as individual or through your Bulgarian company then it is very important that you keep detailed accounts of income and expenditure and have an audit carried out annually and pay the appropriate taxes to the Bulgarian government. We can quote offer on request. CHOOSE SERVICE


If you own a property, apartment or land in Bulgaria and looking for the way you can take care of your asset when you are not at the place, then Home Care Maintenance is the service for you.

We recommend you to take the help of professionals who offer property maintenance and management services in Bulgaria to get your property maintained as well as monitored by the expert eyes. Investing in a property in Bulgaria is easy, and if you have done this then it is important for you to keep that property maintained and under the surveillance of someone who is local there. For those people who do not live in the country this is quite a difficult task to look after their property. To help such people, HomesInBulgariais offering property monitoring, maintenance and management service. By availing the service, you can make your property secured and maintained by the expert team.

Nominating a named key holder in Bulgaria is a requirement for insurance purposes and will also be essential if you wish to use the Home Care Maintenance program.

We provide four levels of monitoring and maintenance service:

Bronze Level – £ 250 including VAT

We will keep a copy of the keys for your property in our offices.

We will visit and check your property 4 times a year We will send you after every inspection pictorial report.

We will notify you if we find any problems and proactively recommend essential and preventative actions.

We will be available to act on your request immediately in any urgent matters in relation for the property/ At additional cost/

Silver Level –  £ 370 including VAT

We will visit your property every 8 weeks.

We will check a list of 20 points for safety and security.

We will send you after every inspection pictorial report.

We will notify you if we find any problems and proactively recommend essential and preventative actions.

We will check and send you report for all ongoing bills and due local taxes for the property.

We will be available to act on your request immediately in any urgent matters in relation for the property/ At additional cost


Gold Level – £ 690 including VAT

We will visit your property every 4 weeks.

We will check a list of 20 points for safety and security.

We will send you after every inspection pictorial report.

We proactively sort any immediate problems, notify you and take instructions to rectify.

We will give you a pre-season weather/property checklist of essential, preventative actions.

We will check and send you report for all ongoing bills and due local taxes for the property.

We will assist you with payment for all ongoing bills and due local taxes for the property.

We will be available to act on your request immediately in any urgent matters in relation for the property/ At additional cost/


Tailored Home Care Maintenance – offer on request


Whether building, renovating or just repairing your house, getting the right building management of the building works in Bulgaria could be your biggest and best investment in you building repair or renovation project.  A partner who you can put your trust in from start to finish and who will get your job done.

HomesInBulgariaproject management service will provideyou with well experienced, knowledgeable and well skilled experts, who would make sure that the process goes smoothly, you are informed of all details and planned actions, you are in control for all decisions, all legal and administrative requirements are observed and the build /repairs/renovation works are completed in high standard, as per the agreed plan, cost and timescale.

With Build Care Management service we will execute on your behalf control of the building materials, building quantity, control of the building quality. Reporting of the building work progress on a regular basis is essential to ensuring your Bulgarian property is going to be a good investment in the future.

Our project management services:

Building and constructional examination

Feasibility study and conceptual planning

Architectural and constructional panning

Budgeting, resources and timescale

Assistance in obtaining of all the required initial building documents from the relevant authorities such as:

    • Sketches from the Land Registry,
    • Building sketch with requirements for the building from the local municipalities,
    • provisional contract with electricity supply company
    • provisional contract with the water supply company
    • Building permission

Estimating and bidding the project. Choosing building company

Negotiating material prices and ordering materials

Interpreting the plans and specifications

Supervising and coordinating the work with the builder

Troubleshooting job-site problems

Regular updates on the building process and sending pictorial reports

Assistance in obtaining Certificate for utilization

Interior design and furnishing

Quote on request

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